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Blox Update – July 2019

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The summer is hot and Blox wont stop! 

You are part of our team, so it is important to us that you know what we are up to, where we are going and how we are getting there. 

July has been a bright and sunny month here at! We were major sponsors that took over Bitcoin 2019 in SF, announced press release with two incredible companies, brought on some amazing new clients and dominated the crypto media! 

Before you continue, we want to let you know that we appreciate the time you spend reading our content, or commenting on social media – we do it just for you!

Offline Events with Blox!

Bitcoin 2019

Blox was once again in San Francisco for the Bitcoin 2019 event – and if you attended you would know that Blox took over the show!

This special event brought together enthusiasts, ambassadors, HODLers and even a Satoshi look-a-like to discuss the future of the Bitcoin blockchain and ecosystem.

At the end of the week, Blox once again made our presence known to all who enjoyed the festivities. It was an amazing event and we are already looking forward to another big show in 2020!

CPA Expert Showcase

We are proud to launch our latest series, the CPA Expert Showcase. 

This is where we shine the spotlight on the experts and professionals that highlight the human component of accounting and tax prep for cryptocurrencies. 

For this week, we are thrilled to introduce you to Jagruti Solanki, Partner at Aprio Accounting



Client Spotlight

BTC Inc is an ecosystem empowering creators to reorganize the world to invent, collaborate, promote and start creating value without limitation. Visit them today at


Coinmama is the fastest and easiest way to buy crypto in over 190 countries – and they use Blox as their crypto accounting and management platform. Visit them today at


What happens when business meets blockchain? Insolar provides unique blockchain solutions on their secure and flexible blockchain dedicated to businesses. Visit them today at

The Blox Blog

Blox releases some of the industrys most respected and read content for the world of crypto accounting and tax prep. Every few weeks, publish our content on the Blox Blog, where experts, accountants, professionals alike come to learn and stay informed!

How To Prepare Your Cryptocurrency Taxes will guide you through the process of collecting, organizing and preparing your information when ready to account for your crypto or for crypto taxes. It is important to us that we give you the resources you need when it comes to cryptocurren tax prep or accounting. 

The 7 Most Important Tools For Crypto Accounting & Tax Prep will share with you the most useful tools for professionals, investors, accountants and tax professionals to manage and account for their cryptocurrency assets. 

Ready to stake with Blox?

Introducing Blox Staking, a new service offering non-custodial staking for Ethereum 2.0.
Visit us today to join our Beta waitlist!