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A Blox Product Update

The holiday season is a few snowfalls away and as we get closer to the new year, we look at our latest updates and additions to the Blox platform.

Packed with powerful features, Blox continues to improve all our services and tools while adding new features, software tweaks, enhanced functionality and stunning user experience.

Our data-driven research clearly identifies the need for crypto professionals, investors and businesses to discover an all-in-one platform to handle their complete set of needs.


When it comes to tracking and managing crypto assets, Blox is the platform you can count on.


Check out our latest updates and changes, so it’s even easier to see why!

Renowned ease-of-use and revitalized UX

Blox has always been known for its beautiful looking platform that has been designed for a minimalist view with maximum performance. Every time we update our app or web platform, our engineers and designers are always building around this pillar of the Blox brand.


For new users, we provide a quick-tip and guide when logging in to our app, instantly walking them through the basic navigation of the platform. Instead of clunky websites with poor design and buggy-performance, From smooth transitions page-to-page, eye-pleasing interactions with every action, we concentrated on continuing to deliver a simplified and gorgeous experience.


In our latest updates this year, we made it much more simple to navigate our vast array of features. Users never get lost with Blox and always find what they need, whenever they need it.

Collaborations and integrations

Blockchain and crypto are at the core of Blox, and they would not be penetrating the mainstream world if it wasn’t for the powerful community behind the industry. That is why we always collaborate with like minded companies in the space, building special projects to better improve our services, while also providing our partners with tools to help support their users crypto accounting and tracking needs.


Blox has had the privilege of partnering and integrating with other platforms, service providers and industry-leading companies. In Q3/Q4 we worked with IDEX, Aeternity, Zilliqa and Dash to introduce more features, tools and accounting options for businesses, investors and individual users.


For Aeternity, Dash and Zilliqa, Blox launched a dedicated node for their blockchain to seamlessly fetch and aggregate user information into Blox, while providing their users with a powerful platform for crypto management and tracking. Leveraging the Blox platform, investors, businesses, and industry professionals will have access to tools such as Auto account syncing, cost basis calculator, transaction table, collaboration tools, and powerful security. These essential tools are now available in Blox’s an all-in-one solution to tackle day-to-day finance and bookkeeping operations.


Our CEO, Alon Muroch, was recently appointed a Board Member for the Accounting Blockchain Coalition (ABC), a leading blockchain and crypto accounting organization. Blox, together with ABC, will help educate, innovate and help to progress his respective industries.

Get syncing with new integrations

For users and investors that own or operate with the Aeternity blockchain, they can now use Blox.

Blox users and Binance US investors can now sync, track and manage their crypto assets on the Blox platform.

IEX traders can use Blox’s robust tool set to simplify and automate the accounting and asset management process for millions of global users.

Additional integrations added all the time!


Do you use Aeternity or Binance? Start syncing with Blox today!

An automated & accurate cost basis tool

Accounting and tax professionals are desperately in need of smart tools to help improve their productivity and expedite the process of cost basis and calculating transactions. However, they need tools that are more than smart, they demand accuracy to the nth degree.

Blox recently launched the industry’s first automated and accurate crypto cost basis calculator, to make it even easier and faster to calculate cryp profit & loss – and we mean really fast. The manual method will see professionals calculate 100 transactions over dozens of hours. Blox can calculate over 50K transactions in one minute!

We also launched a fun product-perfection campaign, where a select few Blox users were asked to try the new cost basis tool. After completing a small calculation test, the winner to submit first correct answer won a new Apple iPad.


Hundreds of users are already upgrading their Blox account to enable this new tool. From crypto accounting professionals to backoffice bookkeepers, the cost basis calculator from Blox is part of the next generation of crypto finance solutions.

Smarter Bitcoin syncing & settings

  • Simplified Bitcoin Syncing – Syncing Bitcoin assets can become tedious as the blockchain itself evolves and goes through changes, forks, and security updates. Traditionally, users are required to insert all the sync information manually, which can be confusing. Blox has simplified the process by operating in the background. User only needs to input the recommended XPUB address and the Blox platform will automatically take care of the rest.


  • Permission Per-Portfolio – This feature enables businesses to invite approved collaborators to view specific portfolio only. This allows the administrator to provide permissioned access to relevant accounts and portfolios while restricting certain users from access – helping to protect private financial information.


  • Make “Dust” Disappear – With this feature, users have the option to hide crypto “dust” (low-value transactions or amount value) based on a pre-set threshold. Additionally, when users have tokens that are not recognized by CoinMarketCap, they can also be hidden from the Transaction Table and exported .CSV files.

Blox is excited for 2020 and the future changes, additional tools and improvements that will surely take the platform and user experiences to a new echelon. Through community partnerships, holistic integrations, focus on UX and continuous research and development, the Blox platform will continue to lead the industry into the next generation of crypto and blockchain technology for finance and business.


Looking forward to blowing your mind in 2020, STAY TUNED!

Ready to stake with Blox?

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